Why You Should Explore Fly Fishing

Fly fishing the Blackfoot RiverFishing is a sport that most people enjoy taking part in. There are fishermen who love deep sea fishing and those that prefer a fresh water pond or rivers. To that same extent, there are also people who love to go fishing with a rod and reel, and then there are those who enjoy fly fishing. Both are challenging, but there are many who say that fly fishing is truly an artform. If you haven’t given fly fishing a try, we recommend that you consider doing it, especially if you live out west.

What is Fly Fishing?

If you have ever watched the movie, “A River Runs Through It” you have a basic idea of what fly fishing entails and know already that Missoula Montana is a great place to do it. In it, the dad teaches his sons the proper way to go fly fishing. They swing their poles back and forth over the water, whipping their bait and tapping it against the water. The goal of fishing with this technique is to make hungry fish below the water’s surface, see the fly as food and venture up to catch it. The rod and every other part of the gear is lightweight, and it takes a fair amount of practice to learn how to cast and imitate a fly, but the end result is very rewarding according to most who enjoy it. As an added bonus, it is a way of fishing that you can take part in, even in the mountains since it is effective in both calm ponds and raging rivers.

The Fish You Will Find

successful Fly FishingThe most common fish that are caught with a fly include trout, grayling, and salmon, but this is not all inclusive. There are fly fishers trying their luck at catching a lot of different types of fish. They can often catch bass, pike, and panfish in fresh water. In saltwater, there have been people who have caught snook, bone fish, stripped bass, and redfish, but some of the more adventurous fly fishermen have tackled tuna, sharks, and marlins.

Best Western Fly Fishing Spots

snake River, IdahoMontana offers a variety of great fishing rivers, but there are many other areas all over the western part of the United States. They include places like Snake River, which is located in Idaho and Lake Tahoe, especially if you visit one of the feeder creeks. Yosemite is home to the Merced River, which is well known for its abundant brown trout. It is also a place that offers an excellent array of scenery and wildlife outside of the river. Many people enjoy fly fishing in Yellowstone National Park and any number of other places. Basically, every state that has flowing rivers or ponds can be enjoyable fishing spots in the western part of the US. However, if you choose to fish a still pond, you may need to paddle out where the water is cooler if you want to have a successful fishing trip. You should also look for drop-offs, weeds, and other areas that could cause transitional waters.

Fishing Ideas for The Whole Family

fishing dock with kidsA lot of people cannot think of a better way to spend a lazy Saturday or Sunday than being out on the water sinking hooks and catching fish. It is perhaps one of the most enjoyable things to do if you enjoy kicking back with a cold one and spending time with friends. It can also give you an enjoyable way to spend the day with your family and it is something that all kids seem to enjoy. That is why there are so many fishing ideas for the whole family available for those who want to introduce their kids to the finer side of life; the stress-free side.

The Joy of Fishing with Family

fishing with kidsFishing with the family will give you a chance to bond with one another away from the house where there are computers, tablets, phones, and television sets. It gives you a place that you can go with your family and laugh or talk about the tougher things that most all of us cannot find the time to talk about during the busy work weeks. This will allow them to explore the world and you can take it a step further by giving kids a reason to learn how to “swim like a fish” or see the world “through a fish’s eyes”. Little ones will often start imagining they are a fish in the tub when they come off a day on the water.

Keeping Boredom at Bay

excited child fishingIt is a sad truth, but many parents miss out on it because they put off going fishing with their child until the child is old enough to hold a rod and cast a reel. They do it for the right reasons in most cases. However, it is unnecessary. Even small children can gain from a day of fishing. You simply have to take along things to keep boredom at bay, since every true fisherman knows that not all fish bite when you want them to. Books to read, small toys to play with, and a blanket for nap-time if the sun and fun relax them a little too much. For nap-time, if you do not want to have a blanket or there isn’t enough space on board the boat for it, you can choose a carrier that is waterproof for them to relax in. Many of them offer covers to protect them from sunburns as well.

Take Time to Enjoy the Little Things

When you venture out on the water or to the nearest shore, there are a few types of fish that you should strive to catch. They include blue gills, trout, sunfish, and bass. If you start fishing for either of these fish, your chances of success increase drastically. At first, if it is something your child is new to experiencing, boredom may be something you have to deal with. They may not want to join in with their own pole. Kids may want to do other things instead of sitting quietly for the fish to bite. Their attention span isn’t often very long. However, if you manage to catch a fish for your child, their amazement will be well worth it. They will want to see it, touch it, hold it, and then try to catch one for themselves. Let them enjoy seeing the fish, show them that you are excited by the catch, and they will be even happier that they were there to see it.

Fly Fishing Float Boat Trips

boat floatingPart of the joy of fly fishing comes in when you are in a scenic spot, calf deep in the water, whipping your line out over the water, and truly becoming one with nature. It is peaceful, it is quiet, and relaxing for the soul. Then, you get a nibble on your line and you start to reel it in to see what size fish you just managed to catch. It is everything you could ever want from a day out in the wilds, but now there are people who have figured out a way to add even more calming fun to their day of fishing. Would you consider going on fly fishing float boat trips?

Why Go Float Boating?

float tripsFloat boating is a common activity on lazy, slow flowing rivers. It allows people to drift down the stream, taking in the scenery, and relaxing. When combined with fly fishing, it allows you to cover more areas of a river, which increases your chance of success. You are not stuck on a bank with only the fish that are in that area to catch. Instead, you are drifting past numerous fish and fish holes. When combined with fly fishing and whipping your bait across the water, the potential is limitless.

What Type of Boat Do You Need?

fly fishing floating tripsWhen float boating, you generally want to use a canoe, kayak, or river raft. These boats are light enough to flow downstream and then carry back to your starting point if you need to. They are also quiet on the water, can be paddled with ease, and sit on the water instead of deep like a motor boat. The purpose of a float trip is to cause as little disturbance as possible while covering the most amount of river. In the event that you go floating in a long river, you have the option to have a trolling motor on-board, but most people prefer to carry the boat or paddle back upstream so that they do not disturb other floaters. If you want a trolling motor, there are some that are quieter, and you would be wise to choose them. It can also be more effective if you have a dependable battery to power it. This can be affordable if you choose an inexpensive marine battery from http://www.discountmarinebatteries.com. One bonus to having a trolling motor is that it could allow you to fish later in the day or drift further downstream since you won’t have to carry your raft back.

Are You Ready for an Adventure?

Boat floating, and fly fishing are something new that people are enjoying in the west, in the mountain rivers where they can fly fish in areas that are filled with natural beauty. This allows them to enjoy everything that the area truly has to offer. It can allow them to discover new areas of a river that they want to fish more thoroughly and enables them to turn a fishing trip into an adventure so that whether they catch anything or not, they can still enjoy spending time with friends and family on a boat, drifting along a river.

Fly Fishing Trip Preparations

fishing troutDedicated fishermen know that there is nothing better than heading off on a big fishing trip. It is exciting to head off to new areas and see what fish are available there, but it also takes a lot of preparation; especially if you are going fly fishing in the west. The best time to plan is before you go because once you get there, you will not want to waste time searching for the right gear and other things. Are you ready to make the fly fishing trip preparations that you need to make?

Plan Your Trip

rocksEach year, you should try to plan a trip for yourself that exposes you to new areas. These new areas may not replace your old favorite spot, but it can go a long way in helping you stay on top of your game. You can practice new fly fishing techniques and more, but it does take planning before you head off to Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and other areas. You will need the proper clothing, proper footwear, and a variety of other things to keep you comfortable. Your most favorite fly fishing rod and reel and your different lures so that you can try out a variety of baits should be one of the first things you gather up.

Keep Your Comfort a Priority

rifflesIf you are fishing in the winter, heavy clothes are best. During the summer, you will want to keep it light. You will want to wear polarized sun glasses either way because it will protect your eyes and allow you to see the areas that fish may be hiding. Prescription medications, snacks to eat, water to drink, and all other things will ensure that you are comfortable when fishing the streams out west. You will also want to do what you can to eliminate the flies that may be near the water because even though you are fly fishing, you still will not want to be bugged by them. For that, you may need to find out from locals what keeps flies away outside.

Tips and Tricks for Fishing New Areas

When you approach a new fishing spot, take a little time to survey the area around you. This means mostly focusing your attention on the river. Look for areas where the water is rough since it could be a fish riffle that indicates where fish are feeding. You can also search for runs or pools that may be hiding fish.  Rocks are also a good place to aim for since trout love to hide from predators within them. The same can be said for other areas that have coverage, such as a downed tree, a mostly submerged log, or bushes that are partially in the water. These areas are difficult to fish and you may lose your rig, but if you want to catch a large fish, these areas will give you the best shot at it. No matter which area you choose to aim for, your best bet is to cast upstream and let the lure drift downstream until you catch the fish you want. They will not be expecting a fly attached to a line that is no where near where you are casting your shadow and therefore your chances of success will increase drastically.

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